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Credit: Tkay Maidza


Tkay Maidza shares new track 'Syrup'


I was expecting some pretty wacky covers when 4AD announced the release of their covers compilation Bills & Aches & Blues, and I wasn’t disappointed with the off-kilter cover versions released by bands like Bing & Ruth, who turned the Pixies’ ‘Gigantic’ into an instrumental jazz piano odyssey, and Dry Cleaning, who somehow made Grimes’ ‘Oblivion’ even weirder. What I wasn’t expecting was a hip-hop/R&B remake of ‘Where Is My Mind?’, the Pixies greatest claim to musical immortality.

But how delightful it was to hear Tkay Maidza, the Zimbabwe-born Australian singer/rapper, take on the ’80s alt-rock institution. Maidza’s version, which has significantly more swagger than Black Francis could even fathom, is what great covers should be: a musical departure that still retains the spirit of the original. In that respect, Maidza succeeded beyond any doubt.

As it turns out, ‘Where is My Mind?’ was not the only song that Maidza had been working on, as we just got the release of her latest single, ‘Syrup’. No dalliances with ’80s aesthetics or alt-rock here: ‘Syrup’ is pure club music.

It’s the kind of song that seems tailor-made to be enjoyed in large groups of people, and we all might get that chance sooner than we had hoped (as long as you idiots keep wearing your masks). Can you imagine being in a club when that beat drops? If you’re not listening to ‘Syrup’ at dangerously Lous decibel levels, then there’s no hope for you.

As of right now, ‘Syrup’ is a stand alone single. But the recent studio work can’t just stop at two songs, right? It would be cruel to tease us with new music, only to deprive us of more songs to blast at full volume while being stuck in traffic. At least that’s the ideal scenario I’ve found for Maidza’s music.

Check out ‘Syrup’ down below.