Timber Timbre share brand new video for single 'Grifting'


Montreal, QC-based trio Timber Timbre shared their video for “Grifting” – coming off new album Sincerely, Future Pollution.

Sincerely, Future Pollution, due out in April via label City Slang, sees Kirk, Mathieu Charbonneau, and Simon Trottier introduce ‘secret weapon’ Olivier Fairfield on drums to lead you down the meandering path of sensuality, ethereal mystery as your mind wanders to a bucolic place.

“We were fortunate to be able to work with Elenor [Kopka, director] again,” Timber Timbre’s Taylor Kirk said off the video.

“I can’t say that it was a collaboration exactly because with Elenor we grant total artistic freedom and have faith that her vision and alchemical practice will not only serve the song but elevate it to another plain altogether. I don’t think I can even sing the song now without conjuring these images.”

Adding to this, director Elenor Kopka stated: “When I first heard the song Grifting it instantly made me think of a swampy seaside village, set somewhere in the 1980s, and a group of people meeting up for a shady basement match of poker.

“Later on I got very inspired by tarot imagery and the aesthetics of fortune telling and tried to construct a game packed with that sort of occult symbolism. The video ended up becoming an obscure card game session that brings back unwanted memories.“