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Tim Westwood accused of sex with 14-year-old girl


Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood has been accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl while he was in his 30s. These fresh claims come shortly after it was revealed the BBC were aware of several complaints filed against Westwood, including one that was also referred to the police.

Previously, the organisation claimed they were unaware of any concerns regarding the DJ’s conduct; however, this was proven to be false.

In April, the Guardian published testimony from seven women who made allegations of sexual misconduct against the DJ. They claimed that he abused his position within the industry to take advantage of them. 

Subsequently, Westwood has denied all of the allegations made against him, with his spokesperson saying there had never been any complaints against him “officially or unofficially”.

After allegations surfaced on social media in 2020, Westwood denied the claims and said in a statement: “I can categorically say that I have never had an inappropriate relationship with anyone under the age of 18.”

It has now been alleged by a woman who said she had sex with the DJ on several occasions during the early 1990s. At the time, she was only 14, and the age of consent in England was 16. “I sit here today and face what I’ve been running from for a long time,” she said.

Four women have come forward to The Guardian after the first investigation to claim they were under 18 when the incidents allegedly occurred. Meanwhile, a further six women say they were young adults at the time.

The woman who alleges she was 14 when they first had sex said she wanted to put the memory “in a box and throw away the key” but felt compelled to come forward after hearing the alleged experiences of others.