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(Credit: Pixar)


The reason why Tim Allen is no longer voicing Buzz Lightyear


If two voices stick out from the spectacular cast of the original Pixar movie Toy Story, it’s Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz. Such would make Allen an obvious shoo-in to voice an aged-down version of the space ranger in the brand new Lightyear prequel film, however, Pixar had other ideas, casting the Captain America actor Chris Evans instead. 

Considering who should voice Lightyear for quite some time, it turns out that the decision to cast Chris Evans was born out of an effort from Pixar to distance the Buzz ‘toy’ from the original films from the fleshed-out sci-fi character they are trying to portray in the new film. 

Speaking at a recent press conference, the producer of Lightyear, Galyn Susman, explained, “Tim Allen is Buzz Lightyear the toy…we weren’t making a Toy Story movie. We’re making Buzz Lightyear’s movie. And so first and foremost, we just needed a different person playing that Lightyear, separate from the toy”. 

Director Angus MacLane also revealed further explanation behind the choice, adding that the new character is, “a little more well-rounded. Technically he’s a bit smarter because he’s not comic relief. He has to be funny, but not too goofy. And that’s why we went with Chris”. 

First playing Buzz Lightyear back in 1995 in the original Toy Story, Tim Allen has filled the character’s boots for two sequel films in 1999 and 2010, as well as 15 side projects that include video games and short films. 

Helmed by the director of Finding Dory, Angus MacLane, the brand new Pixar movie Lightyear follows a younger version of the iconic Buzz Lightyear character, a space ranger who finds himself in cosmic danger far away from home.