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Credit: Nicolas Genin


Tilda Swinton narrates new VR film about mental illness

Tilda Swinton is involved in an exciting new project which exists in the domain of virtual reality or VR. As we move further into the 21st century, the cinematic art-form is evolving as well and we are shifting closer towards a hybrid form of cinema where the cinematic experience revolves around interaction from the audience.

Titled Goliath, Swinton’s latest film, is one such example of this new hybridisation. Swinton features as the narrator of this 25-minute animated documentary and urges the audience to participate in its narrative by interacting with the medium. It exists somewhere in between the curated experience of cinema and the choice-based algorithms of video games.

Goliath is an exploration of the places we choose to feel safe in, and what it means to experience someone else’s reality,” directors Barry Gene Murphy and May Abdalla said in a statement. “Through the use of VR technology, we immerse users in a world where things aren’t as they seem in an effort to unpack our preconceptions and prejudices around mental health and the shame engendered by psychiatric disorders.”

The new interactive documentary is an attempt to explore a new phenomenon that has become a common occurrence due to the technological developments of our time. It revolves around a paranoid schizophrenic who has completely dissociated from the terrifying reality of a wasted life and has retreated into the escapist fantasies of video games.

While speaking about Swinton’s invaluable contributions to Goliath, Murphy added: “Tilda brought an understanding and otherworldly gravitas that lifted the character of Echo and the experience out of the ordinary. We hope her collaboration brings new audiences to the medium and with it, a deeper awareness of the subject matter of Goliath.”