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(Credit: Tierra Whack)


Tierra Whack shares new LEGO-based song 'Link'


Philadelphia’s own Tierra Whack has teamed up with The LEGO Company on their Rebuild The World campaign to release a new song celebrating the bonds of friendship and little plastic blocks, ‘Link’

Whack’s brand of R&B is so vibrant and off-the-wall that I’m surprised she hadn’t specifically worked in children’s entertainment before. ‘Link’ even starts out sounding like the Rugrats theme song. Why is that specific keyboard setting, like a xylophone recorded in a steel drum, so readily associated with adolescence that we’re all classically conditioned Pavlov-style to hear it that way?

If you are going to go corporate, there are far worse brands to work with than LEGO. They seem like a less-nefarious empire and have some genuinely endearing contributions to pop culture.

“I was so excited to work with kids because their energy is fun, exhilarating, never-ending, and full of surprises,” Whack explains. “I really trusted them, and I knew they were going to come up with something great. What I loved most about the process was being able to partner with such an iconic company like the LEGO Group because we could make anything happen!”

So is the song just an advertisement for LEGO? Yes. Does it have any practical use outside of the campaign it was made for? No. Does it serve its purpose well and not insult anybody’s intelligence along the way? Yes.

Music for kids doesn’t get a tonne of respect, and at least Whack doesn’t embarrass herself or anyone else along the way. ‘Link’ is a catchy, nonsensical, utterly forgettable piece of fluff from an artist that deserves more recognition. A turn to kiddie music would be a pretty scrupulous career move from Whack, but it would deprive us of viciously hilarious putdowns like ‘Child Please’ and ‘Mumbo Jumbo’.

Check out the LEGO-tastic video for ‘Link’ down, below.