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(Credit: Tidal)


Tidal announces free membership option and direct-to-artist revenue feature


Global streaming service, Tidal, has announced a number of new updates, including the addition of a free tier to their membership options and a new direct-to-artist payment feature. The new Tidal Free membership option will offer users access to the platform’s entire catalogue and curated playlists, with limited ad-based interruptions, giving those curious about Tidal the chance to have a poke around.

In addition to the free tier, Tidal has also launched a new revenue feature to the HiFi Plus tier that will allow users to send payments directly to artists. Each month, a portion of HiFi Plus subscribers’ membership fees will be directed towards their top streamed artist. This will give artists much-needed access to an additional payment stream, allowing them to see the direct benefit of their Tidal fanbase.

In a recent statement, Tidal CEO, Jesse Dorogusker, explained the thought process behind the new features: “We’re building a platform that values art, artists, and culture, and for the first time opening the platform experience up to a wider group of fans with the free tier,” he began.

“Tidal is also supporting artists with fairer earning terms and quicker payments, and fans are getting a better way to support their favourite artists, Dorogusker continued. “These offerings are the first step of many, and we’re excited to collaborate with artists to evolve our tools to help them continue to grow and create on their own terms.”

Artists will be required to opt-in to access these direct payouts, either directly through Tidal or through one of Tidal’s distribution partners: CD Baby, DistroKid, Stem, Symphonic, and Tunecore.

For many artists, Tidal’s new feature heralds the beginning of a fairer revenue system in the age of streaming. “Tidal has been with me since the beginning, providing emerging artists, like myself, with resources to pursue my passion,” said singer-songwriter Sam Austins.”Tidal was founded by artists, so the importance of economic empowerment is ingrained in what they do, no matter what stage of your career you’re in.”