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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Three limited edition David Bowie releases for Record Store Day 2018


As we gear up for another host of rarities and re-releases set to be on their way for Record Store Day 2018, which comes on April 21st, we’ve just got news of three releases that might get you all excited. Oh, did we mention, they;re all David Bowie and they’re all limited edition.

So, based on the idea we’ve already lost the vinyl collectors as they look to set up their pitch outside their favourite record store, we can give you a bit of a low down on what’s to come.

The first is a 3 x 12″ set Welcome to the Blackout (Live in London 1978) and it holds a whole host of secrets. The previously unreleased set offers fans a chance to listen back on history as we dive in to Bowie’s Isolla II tour and re-visit his dates at London’s Earls Court from’78.

The next is a 12″ single which features the full first recording of ‘Let’s Dance’ as well as a live version of the song. The final release is Bowie Now a previously only promotional album, only for the US, which is getting it’s first commercial release. It will feature tracks from both Low and Heroes – it’s quite obviously a must-have for any collector.

So, the questions is, are you ready for rare vinyl Valhalla?