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Three Days Dark - Come Black Blue Sky

Depending on your current geographical location this track could either seem irrelevant due to the sun shining it’s perfectly poisonous rays or entirely apt as the grey clouds float threateningly above your head, either way the starry-eyed sound of Three Days Dark and their track ‘Come Back Blue Sky’ is the perfect record for this week’s Unsigned Sunday feature.

Born out of the Essex countryside Trent Halliday’s solo effort is as fitting today as it will be in 20 years, this timeless sound is both comforting and calming allowing the airy blues Halliday speaks of to rush and blur over your eyes and leave one in the serenity of his sound. Drenched in 60’s vibes it is neo-psychedelia at it’s best, it’s not too hard to decipher or purposely irrational; it is accessible but with enough bite to really sink you teeth in to.

I would love to tell you the huge back story of Three Days Dark but unfortunately there is very little written about the project, which if you are like me (a music snob) makes it all the more appealing. Halliday’s efforts are not unknown though as he fronted DeepSeaGreen through three albums and is no novice when it comes to creativity and ingenuity.

What I can tell you is that Halliday’s work is all as sun-filled and reverb dripping as this wonderful piece, and despite the sun high in sky I know if it weren’t, despite it’s solemn sentiment the joyful nature of this track and his entire work would take me to those hazy days of summer, no matter my disposition.

Three Days Dark haven’t released anything since the self-titled album, so let’s hope that this project has not run it’s course as it is one of the most inspiring Unsigned pieces I have come across of late. mixing classic riffs with a distinctively retro shade of purple perfection. ‘Come Black Blue Sky’ has made my Sunday, I hope it has yours.

 Three Days Dark

Jack Whatley