(Credit: Thom Yorke)

Listen | Thom Yorke shares his new mini-EP 'Not The News Remix'


So when the news that Thom Yorke was releasing a new EP spread like wildfire through our office yesterday we got very, very excited. We dreamed of swathes of songs, sonic landscapes to traverse and a heap of new material. While we didn’t get quite that, what we do have is another bit of proof of Yorke’s unstoppable creativity.

The EP is a collection of remixes from Yorke’s recent solo effort ANIMA (yes, maybe we were a little greedy to expect a full-length record a few weeks after it’s release – but hey, we’re dreamers) his track ‘Not The News’ getting the chef’s treatment. On this record, you have ‘Not The News’ four ways.

While that record came with a bunch of new tracks, a Paul Thomas Anderson directed short film, and cemented Yorke as an inspiring solo artist. This release comes complete with music impresarios Mark Pritchard, Equiknoxx, and Clark each putting their own spin on ‘Not The News’.

So while this may not be the off-the-cuff full-length record we had hoped, it is another showing of Yorke’s unstoppable need to create and be heard. Listen to the ‘Not the News’ EP below.