Thom Yorke says Radiohead have something "really cool" planned for 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac'


Radiohead fans rejoice! There could be some special plans on the way for Kid A and Amnesiac material if Thom Yorke’s recent comments are to be believed. The singer was speaking to Crack Magazine and suggested there was something special on the way.

He was in conversation primarily about his upcoming solo work as well as his latest orchestral conquest and suggested it would need to be an organic project for Radiohead to regroup as a band. He said “We’re 50 now, most of us, so these things have to feel natural, they have to feel right”.

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“We haven’t scheduled this, this and this. I do really miss doing the shows. I felt like we got into a really good place when we did Glastonbury and toured South America.” He suggested at this time it felt similar to when the band was recording seminal albums Kid A and Amnesiac.

“Recently, I’ve been going through the Kid A and Amnesiac stuff with the others, we were all a bit mad by the end of that period. We went through the whole crazy OK Computer period and I became catatonic at the end of it. Then we worked really hard for a year and a half with really not that many breaks and it was really intense. We didn’t know what the fuck we were doing, and I was refusing to rehearse anything! Imagine, if you will, the chaos.”

“I recently found this box file of all the faxes I was sending and receiving from Stanley [Donwood, visual artist] about the artwork and they’re hilarious. I’ve got all this stuff, pages and pages and photocopies, that I just left strewn around the studios.”

“Nigel picked them up and thought, ‘We’d better keep these.’ I was so focused and at the same time angry, confused, paranoid. I’m looking at all these people involved, going ‘Who the fuck are these people?!’ We’re going to do something really cool with all that material.”

So, excited yet Radiohead fans? You should be.

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