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Thom Yorke performs solo piano version of Radiohead song 'Everything In Its Right Place'


Thom Yorke put together a rare solo performance of Radiohead hit ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ while in the studio with the BBC.

The performance, coming as part of the BBC’s feature Piano Sessions, also saw Yorke put together a rendition of ‘Suspirium’, a track taken from his first film score for Luca Guadagnino’s horror remake Suspiria. 

Yorke, who recently announced plans to tour new solo material in 2019, admitted that he is “trying to finish a record” and, despite his best efforts, has succumbed to being by the current political climate: “I didn’t have the wish to make politically charged music, but everything I do goes that way anyways,” Yorke explained. “I’m trying to finish a record with Nigel, and it’s going that way. It’s something that’s always there.”

[MORE] – Stream Thom Yorke’s score for Suspiria in full here

While interest is still remarkably high in his Suspiria, Yorke took time to remember his Kid A roots and, upon finishing his performance, asked: “Will that do? Is that all right?”

Yes Thom, yes it will: