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(Credit: Twitter)


Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Tom Skinner rehearse Smile Songs on Instagram Live

Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Tom Skinner have formed a new band called Smile Songs and in preparation for their launch, they took to Instagram to share a Live rehearsal session with fans.

Back in May, the Radiohead spin-off debuted at the live-streamed incarnation of Glastonbury and since then they have left fans wondering when they would next appear. Those on Instagram were in for a treat last night (December 2nd) after they began broadcasting live. 

Speaking to NME, Greenwood explained regarding the forthcoming record: “Lots of it is just about finished. We’re sitting in front of a pile of music, working out what will make the record. We’re thinking of how much to include, whether it’s really finished or if there are a few guitars that need fixing. I’d hope it’ll come out soon, but I’m the wrong person to ask.”

He explained the project initially came about in much the same fashion as many others during the lockdown period, stating: “The Smile came about from just wanting to work on music with Thom in lockdown. We didn’t have much time, but we just wanted to finish some songs together.”

Fortunately, it would seem that an album is well on the way. As Greenwood adds: “I’m the most impatient of everybody in Radiohead. I’ve always said I’d much rather the records were 90 per cent as good, but come out twice as often, or whatever the maths works out on that. I’ve always felt that, the closer to the finish, the smaller the changes are that anyone would notice. I’d have said the Smile could have come out a few months ago, but it wouldn’t be quite as good. I’m always impatient to get on and do more.”

More details are expected regarding the record in the coming weeks.