Thom Yorke compares Brexit to Nazi Policy in scathing takedown of Theresa May


Radiohead frontman has unleashed a scathing takedown of Prime Minister Theresa May and compared the chaotic Brexit shambles to that of early Nazi policy.

Taking to social media, Yorke said May had used her position to “threaten chaos upon this land” before adding that the Tory leader was bringing “into question the lives of millions in this country as a bargaining tool.” 

Yorke has never held back his opinion when the discussion of May’s Tory leadership has been brought up and has now made his feelings perfectly clear.

With a post on Twitter, Yorke wrote: “Nobody voted for you to bring into question the lives of millions of Europeans as a bargaining tool, causing immense distress and suffering, an action worthy of the early days of the Third Reich.”

He continued: “Nobody voted for you to drive this red bus over a cliff with the passengers screaming in the back. None of this has been an expression of the democracy you have been claiming to uphold. Fear is not a weapon to be used by a UK Prime Minister in the 21st Century. Stop the bus…now.”

“Nobody voted for you to threaten chaos upon this land in a myriad form in order to intimidate its citizens and parliament,” wrote Yorke.

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Here is the post in full: