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Thom Byles - Y.O.Y.O (You're Only Young Once)

Having still not managed to shake off whatever it was you’re convinced you were enjoying the night before and with impending doom of Monday morning looming, we know it can be difficult to find something to remedy that Sunday feeling.

Here at Far Out, we think we’ve found it, so get your ears around this week’s unsigned Sunday Track of the Day: ‘Y.O.Y.O (You’re Only Young Once)’.

‘Y.O.Y.O’ is the latest release from English/Mexican singer and songwriter Thom Byles.

The self-release is an intimate journey of acoustic reflection, that really does showcase a vocal talent that is spine tinglinly hypnotic.

Delicately crafted, every aspect of ‘Y.O.Y.O’ blends seamlessly, it’s only when your ears escape it’s grasp that it becomes apparent how much is really going on, it’s something memorising, that will most importantly remind you, life is good again and that you’ll almost definitely find it in yourself to do it all again next weekend.

Will De Nardo.