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These New Puritans share first new song in 5 years 'Into The Fire'


These New Puritans were, at one point, the burgeoning face of the indie scene. Offering the darker side of the neon wave which was flowing over the country they developed their own niche and reveled in it. Now the band are back from a hiatus and have a brand new song for us in ‘Into The Fire’.

We got so wrapped up in it that we’ve made it our Track of the Day. The reasoning is simple, the track is like everything and nothing we’ve heard before. Continuously erring on the side of darkness the band’s delivery is always deeply marred by subversion.

Glitchy synths react angrily to the melody of the vocal, while the deep drums heave and pull at something far deeper than a pop song. As the first new song since 2013’s Field of Reeds it speaks highly of what might be on the horizon for These New Puritans.

“The new music is much more primitive,” explained Jack Barnett to DIY. “We want to make our music as direct and as powerful as possible – straight to the nervous system.”

“We wanted this to be about us working together on something really pure and progressive,” adds his brother, George. “The melodies and Jack’s voice are much more important this time around.”