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These incredible videos of The Lemon Twigs as children is all you need today


There’s something slightly weird about harbouring the feeling of amazement, a little bit of jealousy and having your heart melt into mush all at the same damn time by two little freakishly talented young children. 

The Lemon Twigs, AKA two brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, are musical freaks of nature. Can we all just agree on that? Brian is 19 and Michael is still only 17, the two have been in bands for a decade and now they’re signed to mammoth record label 4AD where their debut record Do Hollywood was produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado.

They were child stars (as in the TV version) but really, they’re child stars for making what might be the greatest home movies ever created by some little kids.

Here they are covering ‘Wild Honey’ by the Beach Boys:

But this, this is the winner. “We about to bust some rhymes for you GGGGGGGGGG”

“We live large like… this big guy’s heart!”… “Awww thanks.”

This is D’Addario’s world, they’re just letting us live in it. Live Large.

Bonus video.