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There's a Smash Mouth and Car Seat Headrest collaboration on the way


Ready for the weirdest collaboration since Sting and Shaggy? Well looks like Smash Mouth, the band behind early noughties hit ‘All Star’ and Car Seat Headrest are set to one up them, and it’s set to be brilliant.

The news comes via Smash Mouth’s Twitter account and US radio station Sirius XMU, after the group shared a picture of Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo and Smash Mouth guitarist and songwriter Greg Camp together at the station.

Today it was announced that on tomorrow’s show we will be treated to Car Seat Headrest and Smash Mouth covering each other on Sirius XMU, with the takeover premiering at 3pm ET and now we can’t wait!

Will Toledo from Car Seat Headrest is set to release his sort of new album Twin Fantasy this Friday. In 2011, when Toledo was 19,  he wrote and recorded the album which was a Bandcamp masterpiece, it was what Brian Eno describes as “the sound of failure”, an experiment pursued but never truly finished and finalised.

He has given us a taste of the new Twin Fantasy he’s released one of those re-imagined cuts, the brilliant make-out track ‘Cute Thing’. It’s a multi-layered, somewhat confused but ultimately charming assault of teenage sexual tension.