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The Zoltars - Here In My Room

With thermometers bursting and all, the subject of today’s Far Out  fancy falls in stark contrast to what a majority of the people of the UK will be doing; as we welcome ‘Here In My Room’, by Texan garage rockers The Zoltars, as the Track of the Day I’m almost sure that hardly anybody, if in the right mind, will be in theirs.

…And that’s just it, the lyrical body of Here In My Room depicts the internal dialogue and self questioning of reclusion as our main man Jared Leibowich lays down for us – “when I go outside I feel alright.”. We could look at this song as an extended metaphor for depression amongst other psychological disorders but hey we’re not therapists, or councillors for that matter, so let’s just look at it for what it is; an enjoyable three-minute track of juxtaposed lyric and music from a top little band that, from merit alone, deserves a bit more attention.

Another of USA record label stalwarts Burger Records’ signings, The Zoltars and their quirky kind of indie garage rock won’t let you down if you’re a soul that requires a slightly subtler dose of musical medicine.