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The Wytches - Wasteybois

They’ve only been away for a few months but we’re absolutely elated that The Wytches are back with a new EP on the way.

What’s more, it looks like the fresh-faced trio are moving in exactly the right direction if Far Out’s Track of the Day ‘Wasteybois’ is anything to go by.

The band have returned with their first release since the debut album Annabel Dream Reader, which came out on Heavenly Recordings last year, making it into our Albums of 2014 list.

‘Wasteybois’ is a tenacious and confrontational (if illiterate) song that proves The Wytches success shows little sign of diluting the potency of their ear-burrowing grunge-rock.

The track is the opener from the EP, which is intriguingly entitled Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve. Three other tracks follow – ‘Gettin’ Lucky’, ‘DADFAC#’, and ‘If Not For Money’ – which can be heard when it gets its full release, August 19th.

Listen to ‘Wasteybois’ below.

Patrick Davies
(Featured image – Keira-Anee Photography)