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(Credit: The Wytches)


The Wytches announce new album 'Three Mile Ditch'

The Wytches have announced their long-awaited return with the impending release of their third album Three Mile Ditch.

The record features the recently released single ‘Cowboy’ which marked their return after four years away and to celebrate the announcement they share new single ‘A Love You’ll Never Know’. The track is accompanied by a music video by Mark Breed and he explains, “The music video format was a long process. Making the set was incredibly fun with Kristian crafting most of the miniatures. I then had to film the green screen band performance within the set before recording the edited version onto my VHS camera. Finally, I shot the finished edit inside the view finder.” 

The album, recorded with Luke Oldfield at Tile House Studios, will be released on their own label Cable Code Records on Friday 2nd October. “This is the first thing that I’ve ever been proud of for longer than a week,” says The Wytches frontman Kristian Bell of the band’s latest album.

Given their extended hiatus of sorts, the future of the band appeared to be on the rocks for a considerable amount of time, unsure about continuing as a group. “I had it in my head that this kind of thing only really happens once and to try it again might be a big waste of time,” Bell reflects.

However, despite the difficulties, the band ploughed through: “We had an album’s worth of songs that was some of our best material. The mission became to complete a Wytches album rather than get The Wytches back on the touring circuit. This album helped us make the decision to try it again.”

Stream the new single and find the full tracklisting, below.

The Wytches Three Mile Ditch tracklisting:

1. Cowboy
2. Three Mile Ditch
3. Midnight Ride
4. Fly Inside
5. A Love You’ll Never Know
6. Meat Chuck
7. Everyone’s Friend
8. White Cliffs
9. Silver Trees
10. You Looked Happy To Me