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Remember the moment The Who's Keith Moon destroyed a hotel room and got rewarded for it


The tales of The Who, and more notably Keith Moon, trashing hotel rooms are so numerous and varied that the details of them can feel a bit redundant. The story tends to run like this: The Who come back to their hotel, they drink, they drink some more, invariably Keith Moon drinks too much, they trash their hotel room and they leave with a bill in the thousands. But not on this occasion.

No, on this occasion things would run a little differently, though admittedly with a lot of the same protagonists – namely, Keith Moon – and a similar ending.

Moon, was widely known for his pranks and his party antics, he couldn’t be stopped by management or by his own bandmates. Whether it was throwing cake around like a mad man or driving a Lincoln Continental into a swimming pool, it’s safe to say that Moon the Loon enjoyed being on tour.

One night, on the swankier side of Copenhagen, Moon became a little fascinated by the waterbed in his room (who wouldn’t be?). He hatched a plan to enlist the help of The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend to get the water-filled mattress down into the lobby. He attempted to move the gelatinous blob into the elevator with Pete and send it down, but before they could they hit a snag and the mattress burst, emptying an unfathomable amount of water into the hotel room and halls.

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While water still swirled around them, the thought of an unimaginable bill rose just as quickly as the water-damage continued to ravage the plush suite. The band were likely to be a hit with another bill of thousands to put everything right. But Moon had another idea.

Instead of doing his usual unapologetic apology and signing his name at the bottom of the bill, he decided to go on the attack. He rang the manager of the hotel and claimed that the bed had burst without any warning. The subsequent wave had destroyed all his expensive stage clothes and Keith demanded to know what the manager was going to do about it.

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It worked. The manager, in fact, was so struck by the possibility of replacing the illustrious wardrobe of The Who drummer that he not only apologised but quickly moved the star into the Presidential suite, filled floor to ceiling with antiques.

Moon, naturally, destroyed it later that night.

Source: Rolling Stone