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(Credit: Michael Morel)

'Striped Story of The White Stripes': Listen to the first two episodes of the Third Man podcast


With so much history being built under us as we irrevocably move time forward with every day, it can feel very strange to be ‘looking back’ at a band that still feels so relevant and recent to our musical psyches. The White Stripes, however, are a lot further down the road than you’d maybe first remembered. Now, there’s a new podcast about the band so you’ll never forget.

20 years or more have passed since The White Stripes, Jack and Meg White, first twisted inception and as we approach that and many other musical landmarks, the good people at Third Man Records are celebrating with a podcast about the Detroit group. In the bitesize episodes, it’s a slick and sumptuous production which adds a level of gravitas about the band and Jack White’s early beginning that was otherwise missing.

The preview trailer makes some bold claims that are very hard to deny: “Two decades ago, The White Stripes hit the scene in a real way. Jack and Meg White dropped their debut album, blew minds, toured with Pavement, and sowed the seeds of worldwide rock and roll domination — with some bumps along the way.”

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The podcast sees interviews with members of such bands as The MC5, Pavement, The Raconteurs, The Detroit Cobras, The Dirtbombs and The Soledad Brothers, as well as filmmaker Lance Bangs are expected to be heard across the first season, but not the band themselves.

“In season one, you’ll hear that story from the people who witnessed it firsthand.” You can hear the trailer for the podcast below. You can listen to that trailer below and below find the first two episodes of the show.