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Credit: Third Man Recs


Watch The White Stripes make their TV debut back in 2000


As Third Man Records continue to add the finishing touches to its proposed mammoth De Stijl release to pay tribute to The White Stripes’ debut record, 20 years after its release, the label has been turning up some forgotten gems.

Previously, the label shared some early rare footage of the band giving their huge sound a fresh airing, now they’ve got some more archival footage and this time of their debut TV performance back in 2000.

The clip sees Jack and Meg White perform two tracks fro Backstage Pass, a TV show that aired on Detroit public access TV in the May of 2000. On the show, they performed ‘Apple Blossom’ and ‘Death Letter’ and gave a taste of what was to come.

Of course, 20 years on, we know what a huge band The White Stripes were going to be, but back in 2000 they were an unknown quantity—truly there was nobody like them around. A few weeks after this performance the world would start to understand as they released their debut record De Stijl.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary has seen Third Man Recs digging around the vaults to put together a mammoth vault package for the album.

So far it includes hardcover case, an archival booklet filled with previously unseen photos, flyers, a white LP and a red LP full of previously unreleased recordings and covers, and a DVD containing two performances from the time.

Simply put, it’s a must have for any White Stripes fan. Below catch a glimpse of their TV debut back in 2000.