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Credit: YouTube


Hear isolated vocal for The White Stripes song 'Fell In Love With A Girl'


The White Stripes were a band built on the direct nature of getting their point across. With a central concept around the number three, Jack and Meg White kept everything to a bare minimum: no bass, no additional musicians, and no frills. Just a range of guitar effects, some bashed out drum patterns, and an often-frantic lead vocal from Jack was all it took to make a legendary band.

Aligning with their old school approach to music was their classic career arc: The White Stripes were one of the few bands of the modern-day to get a bit of wiggle room in order to grow into their sound. Their 1999 self-titled debut leaned heavily on the traditional blues side of their work, while 2000’s De Stijl saw them creeping ever closer to the garage rock revival. It all came together on 2001’s White Blood Cells, where blues tracks like ‘Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground’ could mingle freely with experimental tracks like ‘Aluminum’ and acoustic songs like ‘Hotel Yorba’ and ‘We’re Going to Be Friends’.

But 2001 was also the year of the garage rock explosion, and The White Stripes dutifully stepped up with their own contribution to the form: ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’. Less than two minutes of extreme impact, ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ sees Jack and Meg at their least bluesy. No string bends, no delta influences – just punk-inspired energy, which can be most clearly felt in Jack’s vocal delivery.

The most striking part of the isolated vocal track is the switch between crystal clear verse lines and the awesome lo-fi wordless chorus vocals. Despite always being on the verge of going completely wild, White’s verse vocals are strikingly unadorned: just a bit of reverb is all that’s added to it. Otherwise, it sounds like he’s screaming right in front of you. When things switch to the chorus, suddenly he’s on the other side of a broken telephone.

With all of the song’s fuzzy guitar chords and pounding drums, it’s hard to hear subtleties like those chorus vocals in the arrangement. It’s also hard to hear anything subtle about ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’, seeing as how it’s one of the most straightforward songs in The White Stripes’ catalogue. For a band built on unadorned directness, this is almost assuredly their most direct cut.

Check out the isolated vocals for ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ down below.