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(Credit: Danielle Rubi)


The Weather Station share new song 'To Talk About'

The Weather Station - 'To Talk About'

Canadian folk band The Weather Station seems to have done it again. Though best known for slightly more upbeat tracks like ‘Tried to Tell you’, ‘Thirty’, ‘Parking Lot’, and ‘Robber’, their new single is sweet, stripped-down, and piano-driven.

Following up their 2021 album Ignorance, this single holds the same stunning quality as Lorde’s ‘Liability’ and other emotive songs that take off in popularity even among captivating albums. Even though this song doesn’t sit alongside an accompanying album quite yet, the single was released with the B-side song ‘Endless Time’, which carries some of the same qualities.

The songs will be joining the rest of their next studio album, How Is It That I Should Look at Stars, which comes out March 4 via Fat Possum. This is sure to spark curiosity as to whether the rest of the album will mimic this slowed-down sound, or bring a complement to the chill tracks.

Both songs are acoustic, clear, and simple. Moving with some of the popular trends that have broken into the mainstream of chilled-out, calming, Bon Iver-collaboration-inspired songs. And this works exceptionally well. Tamara Lindeman’s voice shines bright and clear as she croons out thoughtful lyrics, “I’m tired of working all night long, trying to fit this world into a song/I am lazy, I only want to talk about you.”

The Weather Station is the clear brain-child and heart-child of Lindeman, and this single release makes that abundantly clear. These songs take on the vibe of A Fine Frenzy, Florence and the Machine, and other acts like them as she allows her voice to centre the songs.

In addition to the single release, the band also put out a video to go with it. About the video, Lindeman has this to say: “I wanted the video to capture the feeling to surrender the song has; a feeling to surrendering to emotion at the expense of everything else, within a world that is not necessarily conducive to that softness. I wanted the video to be overtly emotional and sensual, and so I turned to the stereotypical signifiers of these things; beaches, sunsets, the colour red, a sort of operatic performance of emotion.”

The video is artfully simple, just like the song itself, with beautifully shot close-ups leading into striking wide shots of Tamara Lindeman wearing all red in stunning natural settings. 

Although this single might have a little less pomp and circumstance in the instrumentals, that kind of thing isn’t required when rooted in knockout songwriting like this. It calls back to an early-2010s era of indie singer-songwriters that is experiencing a much-welcome revival. With just enough minor-key somberness to keep the song from slipping into a poppier singer-songwriter mainstream, it seems that The Weather Station got this one right.

If you loved this one, keep a lookout for their 2022 studio album, How Is It That I Should Look at Stars, which comes out March 4th via Fat Possum Records. You can also check out their new single ‘To Talk About’ and its companion ‘Endless Time’ on streaming platforms, as well as the new video for ‘To Talk About’ right here.