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(Credit: Luana De Marco)

The Wax Collection Playlist Explained


Wax Collection’s Matt Allison curated this week’s homepage playlist, we met up with him to find out how he decided to narrow it down to just fifteen tracks:

1. Os Mutantes – Panis Et Circenses: I first heard this in a teapot sized café and had to ask what it was. I later got hold of the album which is properly mind-boggling. It’s like Sgt. Pepper’s through a Brazilian kaleidoscope. I have no idea how they managed to come up with it in 1968 São Paulo.

2. Foxygen – In The Darkness: I liked that ‘San Francisco’ single that Foxygen brought out at the beginning of last year and kept an eye out for their album which is, as it turns out, my favourite album of 2013. Get onto them if you haven’t already!

3. Mac Demarco – Cooking Up Something Good: My introduction to Mac Demarco coincided with my introduction to Far Out so it seemed only fitting to include a track of his. I’ve played his album (‘2’) to death.

4. Howlin’ Wolf – Back Door Man: Proper, raw, concentrated blue swagger. Good ‘n’ Evil.

5. The 13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me Bit of psych! There’s a little turkey noise through all of The 13th Floor Elevators’ songs and I’ve never worked out what it is. This is a brilliant album, big influence. Their live recordings are well worth a listen also.

6. Otis Redding – Ole Man Trouble Here’s some soul(man): As well the obviously superb singing, I always love the guitar on Otis Redding tracks (played by a bloke called Steve Cropper apparently). This is one of my favourite Otis numbers.

7. Allah-Las – Long Journey: Another band that I discovered through Far Out as it happens. They’ve managed to recreate the sound of those Nuggets bands, like the Seeds and The Electric Prunes. They put out a monthly playlist called ‘Reverberation’ which is a good place to find a load of psych obscurities too. A good band for a long drive on a sunny day!

8. White Fence – Swagger Vets & Double Moon Ben: Lewis (the other guitarist/singer in The Wax Collection) has been proclaiming the genius of White Fence for about a year now. Their stuff has a trippily tuneful, home-made feel and sounds like a noise screwball of The Pretty Things, Syd Barrett and The Velvet Underground. They’ve done a lot with Ty Segall, who’s also brilliant. The only thing is…it’s quite hard to pick out one song to showcase them…I think you have to listen an album at a time with this lot.

9. The Velvet Underground – Who Loves The Sun: One of my favourite bands. I love how the jarring middle eight in this track twists an otherwise perfect pop song. For Lou.

10. Frank Zappa – Hungry Freaks, Daddy: The album that this is on (‘Freak Out!’) is crackers but probably the most musically accessible of Zappa’s. Good use of the kazoo employed here which is always commendable.

11. The Rolling Stones – Citadel The Stones doing freakbeat and doing it well! One of the gems hidden on ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’.

12. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Beatle Bones ‘N Smokin’ Stones: Beefheart’s a big favourite, especially this album and ‘Safe As Milk’. This tune’s got a weird lilting groove that sounds like it’s inside out or something. It’s a bit of a dig at The Beatles apparently.

13. Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited Prime: Dylan manages to make penny whistles cool.

14. The La’s – Feelin’: Love The La’s! I’ve been through most of what’s available to listen to of theirs and my favourite is the ‘Kitchen Tape’ bootleg which is a rough recording of them rehearsing songs that weren’t ever released or recorded properly to my knowledge. It’s hard to find now I think but definitely worth digging about for. It always makes me want to write songs.

15. Small Faces – Happy Days Toy Town: This song never fails to cheer me up. A big old cockney knees up!