The Wave Pictures share trembling love song 'Shelly'


The Wave Pictures have shared a new single from their brilliant album Look Inside Your Heart today and with it a gorgeous new video. We loved song ‘Shelly’ so much we made it our Track of the Day and there’s nothing you can do to stop us!

Singer and guitarist Dave Tattersall describes the track as, “A love song in the laid back style of late 70s Grateful Dead only with even better lyrics.” As tongue-in=-cheek as that statement that may be, it really isn’t far from the truth. Although we prefer the comparison of a slightly more stoned Jonathan Richman. Either way, it has the same kind of jagged motion and poetic candour that we could listen to all day.

It is full to the brim of charm and the kind of butterfly-pranging innocence which can fill one’s heart and guts when finding themselves in love. It feels like a genuine movement of emotion and not the Hallmark regurgitation. 1 part shock that someone might be nice to you is equal to 1 part hoping they don’t break you. It’s a wistful, romantic and ultimately realistic depiction of trembling love.

The video was shot in Bethnal Green, London by Fraser Watson (who also shot the last single ‘Roosevelt Sykes’). Dave explains further; “Inspired by the dress sense of Queen, after watching ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ while on tour in Germany, we decided to go as glamorous as The Wave Pictures are able. The results speak for themselves. As if the suits and sequins weren’t enough, we were lucky that Holly Holden was able to attend the video shoot to add some genuine class, both fashion-wise and singing her backing vocal parts as on the recording.”

The video features Holly Holden, who sang backing vocals on the song and said of the experience, “It was a huge pleasure to be invited to sing on the record and live out all my rock and roll backing vocalist dreams. The Booze Cube is one of my favourite places to record, it’s like singing in a living room full of friends after an evening at the pub.”