(Credit: Julio Enriquez)


The War On Drugs release 'Red Eyes'


The former Kurt Vile fronted Philadelphians have brought the city of brotherly love over the Atlantic to our rain battered ears and with them the lo-fi, downer pop sound of Red Eyes. Springsteen inspired drawling and lethargic rendition of pop, accompanied by minimal riffs and a stoned rhythm that hint at the aforementioned title. The War on Drugs and thier new release Red Eyes is our Track Of The Day.

The Springsteen influence is painstakingly obvious but painted with a little green fingered guitar work and bubbling of bong fuelled rhythm. Its shoegaze motion and non-direct direction gives the track a timeless feel which is texturised by low woodwinds, delicate synths and embracing acoustics.

Adam Grunduciel’s ability as a songwriter has only be further established with this track. As the principal songwriter as well as lead vocalist his control over this hazy version of a Boss/Arcade Fire hybrid is clearly apparent and his song-smithery ever increasing as he plays with the softer sounds of the city.

The balance between melancholy pop and gutter guitar riffs is something Grunduciel does with an affluence unmatched in the States other than possibly his former bandmate Mr. Vile. Red Eyes is no different as he toys with the darkness of love and beauty of despair masking the motorised drums with a fading guitar which has the incredible ability to both make you shudder and dance at once.

Red Eyes is one of those songs that will work its way into your brain, set up camp like a stoned teenager and stay there for weeks, or at least until Shark Week on Discovery has finished. However, with all the stoner sliding guitar and echoing vocals there is still enough bite to really make this worth munching on.

Jack Whatley