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(Credit: Madison Carroll)

The Wants channel restless desire on their new song ‘Fear My Society’

The opinion we’d formed at Far Out was that Bodega couldn’t be contained. With two consecutive back-to-back albums intravenously fed into the art-rock bracket we knew it wouldn’t be long until they splintered off elsewhere. Both Madison (guitar/vocals) and Heather (bass) from Bodega have seen a shift of mood into more post-punk territory with their new band, The Wants. Joined by the syncopated rhythms of Jason Gates on drums, The Wants capture a blistering and immediate slice of gloomy art-punk with new single ‘Fear My Society.’

According to its songwriter Madison Velding-VanDam, this is “a reflection of the always-shifting political, economic, and technological atmosphere of the United States. But I didn’t write the song in reaction to this. I was reflecting on the pressures I put on myself to achieve — ‘will you love me if I’m a failure?’”

Even with a much maligned and self-deprecating viewpoint, the single shuffles in on an urgent wave of poignancy. Its restless desire rattles and chugs away with an impassioned sense of heartbreak. The small UK towns, particularly in the North of England, are just as isolating as the vast swathes of abandoned interstate expanses of America. For these highly concentrated, suburban areas, like Madison’s hometown of NYC, gentrification is endemic to the current predicament of our society. The recent regeneration of these have compromised the lives of the individuals they once demanded attention from (just look at Margate).

Alienation aside, where Bodega drew you in with their hyperactive kookiness, the Wants allow you to dig deep into the darker assortment of tunes that Depeche Mode offer us on ‘Black Celebration.’ Whilst you’re there you might as well root around Gary Numan’s more seductive selections, not before flirting with Brian Molko of Placebo. Surely, a suggestion no one could turn down (and a party I’d desperately want to be invited to). In fact, as cathartic as it may seem, The Wants share beauty in the decay, helplessness that ushers in hope and for all their ability to shun society their clarion call proves The Want(s) remains strong.  

View the video for Far Out’s Track of the Day, ‘Fear My Society’, here:

Following the release of ‘Fear My Society, catch The Wants at the following venues:

September 16th – The Waiting Room, London
September 18th – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
September 19th – YES, Manchester
September 20th – The Lanes, Bristol
September 21st – Acapulco Bar, Portsmouth