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The Virgins - Impressions of you

Today’s Track of the Day is an unusual one in that even if there wasn’t a single word uttered throughout it would still deserve the Far Out accolade. Some of you may remember New York thoroughbred Donald Cumming’s band The Virgins, after their meteoric rise in 2008 thrust a concoction of 21st century indie laced with the new wave attitude of the Talking Heads and a vocal delivery not too dissimilar to that of Jonathon Richman, of one of the past century’s great group’s The Modern Lovers, right down our willing gullets.

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Well, after a lot of messing around (painful tours, new band members, getting married and tumultuous record label relations) The Virgins are back, signed to none other than Julian Casablanca’s Cult Records and their track ‘Impressions of You’ proves that despite getting their hands a little dirty in the process, they certainly haven’t been deflowered.

Taken from the new album release Strike Gently, a colourful collection of tunes that boast all the qualities of past Virgins efforts entwined with newer, rock influenced guitar licks and vocal (Mark Knopfler and his Dire Straits spring to mind), ‘Impressions of You’ embodies the sentiment that life has dished out to Cummings and his troupe on their journey so far.

As I said, this record would probably be Track of the Day without vocal, harbouring that good time rhythm and beat Bowie so magically mustered in his superb camp classic Sound And Vision. The track is very much reminiscent of Bowie’s, from the vocal delivery and backing, lyrical structure and even the use of horns, yet this shouldn’t deter any listeners, in fact it’s all the more reason to get into The Virgins new offerings.

Joshua Hevicon