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The View’s Kyle Falconer hit with £25k fine after homophobic rant


Kyle Falconer, the lead singer of indie band The View, has been hit with a £25,000 fine after admitting to an air rage charge after hurling homophobic abuse at cabin crew on a Jet2 flight.

Boarding a flight from Reus airport near Barcelona, Falconer was attempting to take the journey back to Glasgow but the plane was forced to divert to France, where he was arrested.

The 30-year-old admitted the charge at Paisley Sheriff Court.

Falconer was told he was not able to sit next to his fiancee Laura Wylde and instead was asked to take up a seat in the row in front. During the flight, Falconer repeatedly spun around to talk to Wylde but ended up spilling his drink on a woman in the next seat, bumping her on the head and then confronting her husband.

When asked to behave, Falconer hurled a homophobic insult at cabin crew.

Defence solicitor Ian Houston said: “This whole event has cost him £25,000, money he doesn’t have and will have to work hard to pay back.

“I can’t say, and neither can he, what happened to the money he must have earned.

“He is deeply ashamed of this, especially the homophobic remark, given he has friends and relatives who are gay.

“He just wants to get on with the rest of his life.”

Speaking at the time of the incident, Jet2 managing director Phil Ward said: “Kyle Falconer may be a rock star but that is no excuse for such abusive behaviour.

“Many of the passengers on the flight were families and he showed absolutely no respect for their safety and wellbeing, which is why the captain was forced to divert the flight.”