The view from Far Out: Fluffer Records and Far Out Magazine warehouse party

On Friday Far Out Magazine collaborated with Fluffer Records to celebrate the launch of our brand new website.

Fluffer, a label making a name for themselves for their filthy, sordid and damn right deranged Pit Parties, curated a four band line-up fit enough to melt your minds.

First up we had Pizza Tramp and their razor sharp brand of punk who ultimately proved that nothing would stand in their way of playing a show.

Arriving from Wales minutes before scheduled stage time after a five hour drive, Pizza Tramp came one man short after their singer had fallen ill. Without hesitation, the Tramps flew straight into the pit and played four songs (the only songs the bassist knew the words to) in fourteen confusingly brilliant minutes.

Next up was Weirds, a band from Leeds who set the tone and landscape of the pit.

Their extra layer of texture and commitment filled the evening of rock and roll, a distinctly psyche infused British sound the band will surely tear up an already torn crowd to pieces.

After the more melodic Weirds we had the uncompromising Sewer Rats who filled the room with fury ahead of our headliners Best Friends.

Far Out photographer Konstantina Tzakoniati was in attendance to capture the chaos:

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