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Chastity Belt unveil new video for 'Cool Slut'


The View From Far Out: Chastity Belt live at YES, Manchester

Chastity Belt, the band who decided to take a hiatus in 2017 following the release of their second album I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone, took to the stage at Manchester’s YES venue as part of a renewed sense of creative drive.

On thier latest record, the new self-titled album, the band have dialled up the doo-wop with their vocal work and see some brilliant harmonies come to fruition on tracks like gig opener ‘It Takes Time’ and third tune ‘Drown’, which show real growth in their style. The lo-fi guitars and entrancing harmonies matched the venues trippy pink lighting and created an ambient and wavy backdrop for Chastity Belt’s unique sound

In a set that was full of new material, it could have been tricky to keep avid fans happy, but the crowd seemed eager and ready to participate in the show and gave a positive reception after each track. The band seemed in high spirits on stage, obviously enjoying playing their new tunes. There seemed to be plenty of in-jokes that made for good entertainment and a warm, heartening hue to e cast over proceedings.

It was a personal triumph when Drummer Gretchen Grimm swapped with Julia Shapiro on vocals for a couple songs, including this writer’s favourite Chastity Belt tune ‘Stuck.’ Although, the crowd seemed to enjoy and be enamoured by the new material, favourites such as ‘Different Now’ towards the end dangled the carrot and left the crowd wanting more.

The encore did not disappoint with their upbeat encore of debut album favourite Seattle Party closer Joke.

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