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(Credit: Frank Fieber)


The Vaccines return with 'Headphones Baby'

The Vaccines - 'Headphones Baby'

The Vaccines have returned with their energetic new single ‘Headphones Baby’.

The indie stalwarts headed to America in 2019 to work on their fifth record and have spent the last year tinkering with it to make sure it’s just right before unleashing it upon their fans. ‘Headphones Baby’ is the first snippet from the album and it doesn’t disappoint. The production on the track feels current, and The Vaccines certainly aren’t resting on any laurels. The group’s penchant for a blistering chorus exists on the buoyant new single that’ll float around in your mind for the rest of the day.

“Sometimes life can leave you feeling numb and desperate to feel something,” Justin Hayward-Young said in a statement about the track. “‘Headphones Baby’ is about creating an escape from that – plugging in to plug out and cocooning yourself from the reality of the outside world in the warm embrace of somebody else’s mind.

“The song should sound like a fireworks display – a call to arms. And if you want life to feel like it’s permanently in technicolor then we might know where you can find it…”

The Vaccines are yet to announce their forthcoming record officially, but I suspect the wait isn’t too far away. Hayward-Young told Far Out earlier this year that he believes it’s the band’s “best record” yet and gave a glimpse of what fans should expect from Vaccines 5.0.

“It’s got the heaviest moments maybe ever, it’s got a lot more fast moments, but it’s also much more pop in a lot of ways,” he explained. “In a weird way, I feel like it’s an amalgamation of all of our records if that makes sense, but the first thing we’re releasing is probably the poppiest thing on it, then there’s some like pretty, like face-melting moments on it too. There’s like eight or nine of the songs have riffs, which is quite rare for us.”

‘Headphones Baby’ certainly sees The Vaccines channel the poppier side of their personality that Hayward-Young hinted towards, and the track works as a glistening way to kickstart their latest chapter.