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The Vaccines chat on online show about The Rolling Stones and new album 'Combat Sports'


Online tv show Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV hit it’s 5th episode today and on it were indie stalwarts Shed Seven, and with Justin and Freddie of The Vaccines among the guests on the latest episode we knew it was going to be a winner. Plus our favourite boys from Mossley: Cabbage.

It gave The Vaccines the chance to not only talk about their upcoming new album Combat Sports but also what it was like to support The Rolling Stones! On the subject of opening for the heroes in Hyde Park back in 2013, Freddie tells host, Radio X’s Gordon: “What I loved about it was that they seemed like a bunch of teenagers. Charlie Watts would arrive first. He was annoyed that he was on time and everyone else was late. Mick then swans in last. It’s like they’re still 20. It’s like you never really get over being in a band.

Lead singer Justin then goes on tell Gordon about the challenging, and often disharmonious, process of making their recently released new record, aptly named ‘Combat Sports’.

“There was plenty of handbags. Being in a band by its very nature is a very intense and volatile thing. You’re working, living and creating with these other three, four or five people in a room with no natural sunlight, for up to 15 hours a day. If you’re working on something you really care about then I think you’re always gonna have differences of opinion.

He continues: “We wrote about 80 songs [when working on the record] until we whittled it down to the final cut. I think the mistake we’ve made in the past was making records that feel a bit too chocolate-boxy. I think this time we were pretty strict with ourselves to choose songs that feel cohesive and focused, even if that meant leaving off great songs for the benefit of the record as a whole. I think that’s what happened here.”

Take a look at the new episode below.