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Credit: The Vaccines


The Vaccines share a cover of Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth'

The Vaccines - 'For What It's Worth'

The Vaccines have shared a quaint cover of Buffalo Springfield’s 1960s classic ‘For What It’s Worth’.

The track is the opening number from their delectable new EP, Cosy Karaoke Vol. 1, which has seen The Vaccines put their own charming indie spin on a series of their favourite songs. On the EP, they’ve also taken on The Tornadoes’ instrumental, ‘Telstar’, Queens of The Stone Age’s ‘No One Knows’, Waxhatchee’s ‘Fire’, Kasey Musgraves’ ‘High Horse’ and ‘Funnel of Love’ by Wanda Jackson.

Taking on a classic like ‘For What It’s Worth’ is a challenging task, it’s the finest moment from Stephen Stills’ career and one of the definitive tracks of the ’60s, but The Vaccines keep the spirit of the original alive on their dignified cover. As the EP’s title, Cosy Karaoke, suggests, the indie stalwarts have picked a selection of songs that are an utter joy to sing for some momentary relief in lockdown life.

It’s not attempting to re-imagine the song, and lead-singer Justin Hayward-Young pays tribute to Buffalo Springfield’s magic on The Vaccines’ version. It’s a blissful way to spend two and a half minutes, which is a delightful homage to one of the finest karaoke songs in existence.

The series of covers is a perfect appetiser before unleashing their fifth-album at some-point shortly. Young recently told Rock Neto radio: “I really truly believe it’s the best record we’ve ever made. I think for a long time we’ve maybe threatened to make a record that’s good but we haven’t quite managed it. It’s heavier in places, but it’s poppier in others, it’s a lot more kind of, I think well rounded like sonically and musically and lyrically. I don’t know I think it’s such a great record.”

He continued: “We recorded it just outside of El Paso Texas, at the end of 2019, and it’s weird because we finished it before the pandemic hit but listening to it now it really resonates in a different way. It’s weirdly reflective of this year, I think. It’s the longest record we’ve ever made – I think it’s like 13 or 14 tracks.”

The new EP is out now via AWAL/Jägermeister Musik. The group are also hosting a new competition where fans can win a record player by creating a DIY one, which is one way to kill some time over lockdown.

Listen to their take on the Buffalo Springfield classic, below.