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(Credit: Oliver Broome)


The ultimate camping trip playlist


The sound of the wind in the trees, the crunch of leaves beneath your boots, the setup of your tents, the crackle of the campfire. Are these the only sounds you intend to hear when you plan out the ultimate camping trip this summer? Or did you have something else a little more stylised in mind?

As everyone heads out to the woods and gets ready for the best summer camping trip, you might be scrambling to get all of your supplies together—that’s okay. It happens! However, you shouldn’t have to worry about the music selection on your trip. In fact, we have that already taken care of for you.

No matter where you like to camp, the mood and the vibe of the perfect camping trip is something everyone strives to capture—and music can be a giant help in that. If you want to find the very best soundtrack for your camping trip to either blast out the Bluetooth speaker or the car radio of your hatchback, you can look no further than the playlist we’ve curated.

What we want for this playlist is, as you can imagine, the woodsy vibes, and boy do we have them in spaids. From Bon Iver to Nick Drake, you can get into the campfire songs and chill out in nature this summer. Here are some of the tracks you can do that with.

The ultimate camping trip playlist:

  • ‘First Day of My Life’ – Bright Eyes
  • ‘Paul’ – Big Thief
  • ‘All Shades of Blue’ Gregory Alan Isakov
  • ‘uuu’ – Field Medic
  • ‘Pink Moon’ – Nick Drake
  • ‘Real Love Baby’ – Father John Misty
  • ‘Dreams’ – Fleetwood Mac
  • ‘For Emma’ – Bon Iver
  • ‘Cherry Wine’ – Hozier
  • ‘April Come She Will’ – Simon & Garfunkel
  • ‘Casimir Pulaski Day’ – Sufjan Stevens
  • ‘Whole Wide World’ – Bahamas
  • ‘Train Song’ – Feist, Benjamin Gibbard
  • ‘Sea of Love’ – Cat Power
  • ‘Beauty’ – The Shivers
  • ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right’ – Bob Dylan
  • ‘Say Yes’ – Elliott Smith
  • ‘The Past and Pending’ – The Shins