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The trailer for new docu-series 'Surviving R Kelly' is out now


The Rolling Stone premiered the brand new trailer for the upcoming Lifetime docu-series ‘Surviving R Kelly’. The three-part documentary looks set to delve deeper into the artist’s “inner world” than ever before.

The countless allegations R Kelly have been rumbling on for yuears. Literally years. The singer has always managed to dodge the allegations of sexual misconduct as well as physical and psychological abuse. Now, Lifetime has shared the first trailer for the series which looks set to probe the singer’s off-screen world.

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It has been said that alongside the three-part documentary there is a TV-movie in development, though that has yet to be confirmed. The three-part series is air for three consecutive nights from January 3-5, 2019.

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For now, read up, get your facts straight and then watch a trailer for the expose of one of music’s shadiest characters.

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