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The Tapestry - Infatuation


Set to be released on limited edition vinyl and download 26th January 2015, The Tapestry’s latest offering is a rip-roaring statement of intent, and it’s our track of the day.

Having hit the proverbial ground running in 2010 with a three-track demo, the Manchester quartet have since released a series of singles to wide acclaim. Much like their live shows, each one has positively outdone its predecessor, and ‘Infatuation’ is no exception.

Following a victorious unsigned band’s contest in November, which led to an appearance at the Whiskey Sessions Festival alongside I am Kloot, Tim Burgess and British Sea Power, a judge noted that their performance had made him feel inclined to leg it down Deansgate on a Sunday morning, wearing nowt’ but his wellies. Take from that what you will, but such chaos, joy and exultation is commonplace at a Tapestry gig. Their recent Christmas show bore all the blistering hallmarks of a 70s glam rock show, with the band donning full Roxy Music outfits.

Their new single is a typically fervent affair, with a punchy guitar riff complimenting an infectious, almost funk-sounding bass line. True to form, it’s followed by an almighty, chanting chorus. “Infatuation, call it desire.” bellows lead singer, Liam Faherty, serving up his most poignant lyrics to date.

Set in Norway, the video is a spiralling insight into life as an infatuated pursuer, but not in a way you’d expect. Despite its chilling theme, it offers a haunting sense of romanticism, the perfect backdrop for an eerie, frantic track that seems destined for deserved exposure in 2015.

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Joe Martin