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The Suns - Surf nightmare

Many apologies must be dished out on behalf of the Far Out team for our short, unexpected hiatus but if you would’ve been a fly on the wall for the events of the past few days then I’m sure that you would fully understand. Although we may now, unintentionally, stand accused of many crimes against ourselves and the established world around us, in the mayhem and the chaos we have still found time to unearth musical gems, review some of the best global talent on offer and interview absolute legends of your Rock & Roll reality. So instead of divulging the details of our surreal sojourn I shall leave you with a track that, apart from many of The Doors efforts, comes the closest in depicting the delirium and devastation of mind. This is the sound of The Suns and their record Surf Nightmare, released on Monday 26th through Manchester’s fledgling Howling Rhythm label.


Hailing from Chester The Suns are a mercurial musical amalgamation of the antics of Mexican drug cartels, spaghetti westerns and Rock & Roll debauchery; Think of Link Wray’s Rumble set in a northern backdrop, Lux Interior’s twisted rockabilly rabble The Cramps if crafted in English pastures or a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack set behind an abrasive British lifestyle and you are some way to understanding the group’s essence.

But for now don’t understand, just enjoy.

Joshua Hevicon.