(Credit: Netflix)

The 'Stranger Things' plagiarism lawsuit is going to court


Early in 2018 the creators of the hugely successful show Stranger Things, Matt Duffer, and Ross Duffer were sued for allegedly stealing the idea for the Netflix smash-hit. Charlie Kessler, a filmmaker, and man behind the suit, claimed the pair stole an integral plot point for the show from his short film Montauk. The case will now head to a jury trial.

The elevation of the lawsuit comes after the Duffer brothers motion for a summary judgment was denied, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. LA County Superior Court show that the trial is currently scheduled to begin on Monday, May 6th.

In the lawsuit, Kessler claims that he and is agents pitched a series of his short film Montauk to the Duffer brothers but they did not express any interest in it. The lawyer for the siblings said that his clients did not “manifest any intent to enter into a binding agreement” with Kessler and called his claims “meritless.”

Pitchfork today reported, that a Netflix spokesperson offered a statement, “The Duffer Brothers have our full support. This case has no merit, which we look forward to being confirmed by a full hearing of the facts in court.”

Fans of the show will be hoping this will not affect the chances of a Season 4.