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(Credit: Alamy)


Watch The Stooges song ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ make a 2022 Winter Olympics debut


A Stooges track cropping up at the Winter Olympics seems about as unlikely as Iggy Pop himself flying shirtless down and mountain on skis and inadvertently claiming a gold medal—but boy were we glad to see ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ make a surprise appearance.

Somehow, the raucous proto-punk anthem seems to fit figure skating perfectly. I suppose, when you truly sit back and consider it, someone spinning madly yielding sharp blades is not all that far from a Stooges gig anyhow. 

While the Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova opted for the John McCrea’s Cruella version of the track, the punk spirit still remains beneath the watered-down surface, and it proved a refreshing addition to a usually musically pompous world. 

In fact, it proved so refreshing that it helped Trusova’s stunning performance on its way to a silver medal. However, much like the track itself, it was a silver mired in angst and controversy. 

Despite the awe-inspiring performance, some technicality regarding Trusova’s short program performance earlier in the week prevented her from sealing gold, a fact that she was far from happy about. 

The skater rallied in punk fashion: “Everyone has a gold medal, everyone, but not me. I hate skating. I hate it. I hate this sport. I will never skate again. Never.”

When later asked to clarify her inflammatory initial reaction, Trusova explained that she was upset because she had been alone with seeing her mother or dogs for three weeks “and so I cry”.