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The Sopranos is returning with a prequel movie


The Sopranos will be making a sensational return with David chase reviving the hit show in the form of a prequel movie.

Chase was instrumental in creating The Sopranos. While only 30 episodes are credited to Chase, he was the show’s creator, showrunner, head and lead writer and had a major role in all the scripts. “David [Chase] is a masterful storyteller,” Warner Bros Pictures Group chair Toby Emmerich said. “And we, along with our colleagues at HBO, are thrilled that he has decided to revisit, and enlarge, the Soprano universe in a feature film.”

Some fan-favourite characters from The Sopranos are expected to appear in the film which will be set in the era of the Newark riots in the 60s – a time when African-Americans and Italians had a fierce rivalry.

In 2016, Chase teased such a return by saying: “I’ve said it from the beginning: if I had a really good idea and I thought it could be really entertaining and it wouldn’t upset what was done I might do it,” he said.

“I could conceive of maybe a prequel of The Sopranos,” he said last year. “I could never see [a return of the show] except as a prequel.”