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The song Sienna Miller wants played at her funeral


For a fair period of time, Sienna Miller was the ultimate ‘it’ girl. With stunning good looks and an effortlessly chic style that harkened back to the glory days of London’s swinging scene, Miller was also blessed enough to be a more than competent actor. Delivering star turns in films such as Factory Girl, where she played socialite Edie Sedgwick to a tee, Layer Cake, and a host of West End productions. Despite being born in New York, Miller is one of Britain’s shining lights. 

The actor has spent enough time on a multitude of press junket tours and has gotten used to answering the same old questions again and again. However, back in 2012, she sat down with The Guardian to rattle through a whole heap of questions, with one standing out to us, in particular: what song would you want to be played at your funeral? 

It’s a tough question for anyone to get their heads around. However, Miller would have had a particularly difficult time, owing to her complete devotion to music. In a more recent conversation with The Golden Globes, Miller shared just how vital music is to her daily life: “My father is very much into music, and as I grew up he gave me a very good, diverse musical education that I’m trying to pass onto my daughter. So we do an album a week in the bath. She can now sing along to the whole of Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. We’re now in a Smiths phase which I love.” 

Clearly using her quality time to instil a great taste in music, it’s not just pop records she shares with her family: “But we listen to classical, to Django Reinhardt, blues, Billie Holiday, old stuff, Leadbelly. All over the place.” Music is also a vital tool in Miller’s discovery of a role, “I think nothing has the power to transform my mood like music. I can’t imagine a world without it. And for every character I play I make a playlist – it really helps transform me.” 

However, attributing a song to a singular character does have its downsides: “Unfortunately it does ruin the song, ’cause now if I hear certain things that I’ve used, it just takes me straight back to a place that might be complicated. My musical taste is very eclectic, but if I have to choose a favourite, I have to go to The Beatles.” 

Considering Miller notes The Beatles as her favourite band of all time, it’s strange that they won’t be the song she leans on when planning her funeral celebrations. Quite candidly, and with her tongue pressed firmly into her cheek, when asked the question by The Guardian, Miller simply replied:” ‘The Lady is a Tramp’ by Frank Sinatra“. 

Unfortunately, Miller doesn’t offer any further reasoning for picking such a song, but one would imagine that the smiles and smirks on the faces of those in attendance would be enough to warm anyone’s heart.