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(Credit: Uncensored Interview)


The song that Moby wants played at his funeral


The American singer, songwriter, musician, and animal rights activist Moby is an interesting guy, to say the least. His personal convictions and his personality as a whole have always been a part of his public persona, from his musical trajectory across his career to his impassioned activism endeavours. 

Over the years, Moby has garnered the reputation of being a creative who lives a balanced life and holds strong in his beliefs, especially about topics such as wellness, meditation, and veganism. However, this hasn’t always been the case, as he’s revealed a few times when speaking about his experiences in and out of sobriety.

Reflecting on deeper meanings, Moby was about what song he’d want to be played at his funeral and, after pondering for a moment, he went with ‘Morning Has Broken’ by Cat Stevens. He explained, “That was the song my mom had played at her funeral. I was too hungover and I missed it, so it would be an acknowledgement of that. Unsurprisingly, I’m sober now. It’s clearly a sign that things aren’t working out when you sleep through your mom’s funeral.”

‘Morning Has Broken’ is an incredibly powerful choice, with Moby adding another level of emotion in the purpose of paying acknowledgement to his mother, but also to the time in his life he wasn’t the proudest of. However, on the note of his sobriety, Moby has made it clear that after entering Alcoholics Anonymous in 2008, he hasn’t touched a drink. “Since I stopped and reoriented myself towards things that have meaning, everything has gotten a million times better,” he said.

When speaking on his sobriety now, Mobu said: “It’s paradoxical, in a way, to be who I am right now, which is kind of boring, happy and middle-aged, and look back 20 years ago to when I was selfish, narcissistic and addicted to alcohol and drugs. I look at that person, and I don’t recognise him.”

He continues, “I started recognising that fame and material success weren’t going to fix my psychological and emotional issues. I’m actually quite happy with the simple things: hiking, sitting outside and looking at the trees I’ve planted. When you’ve spent your whole life struggling and pursuing grander things, it’s hard to realise these things have the ability to deliver that much happiness.”

Ultimately, it’s an amazing feat that he moved beyond that stage of his life and transcended it. At the same time, it’s clear that he hasn’t forgotten the events of that time, and he still feels it important to honour the memory of those instances when he would like to have been more present, hence the Cat Stevens choice.

If you want to hear the song Moby wants to be played at his funeral, you can check out ‘Morning Has Broken’ down below.