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The So So Glos - Blowout


Rickety and raucous are probably the best two words to describe this track from The So So Glos  and with it reverberating around your ears it will probably be the best description of your Friday night as Blowout brings all the garage punk grit to fill your weekend warm-up. Released soon it’s a ferocious fracases of a song for a perfect sun filled Friday and its our Track of the Day

The track in its essence is as punk as John Lydon pissing on Coldplay and about as coherent to boot. But affluence and coherence are not of value in this band vision; The So So Glos are more about the here and now. Here and now we are deafened by riffs that fly out like tobacco spit; filthy, slimy and stinking of trouble.

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Having been around the scene since 2007 The So So Glos never really reached the heights their peers The Black Lips acheieved so it is with this track they come bursting back on to the scene with a screaming yell for a massive Blowout.

Flying out of the traps like a greyhound on heat this mile-a-minute number is as shambolic and tasteless as one would hope, denouncing purists for hedonists and connoisseurs for cowboys. The track seems barely fit to hold itself together across its raucous 2minutes and 54 seconds, with every nano-second seemingly dangling off an ominous cliff. But The So So Glos are raw, they are knowingly unrefined and like all the sweetest things are; extremely bad for you. Make them part of your Friday night plans, it will be the best one for a while.

Jack Whatley