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(Credit: Gary WIlliamson)


The Snuts share new political single 'Burn The Empire'

The Snuts - 'Burn The Empire'

The Snuts have shared their furious, politically charged new single, ‘Burn The Empire’.

The new single sees the Scottish group change their tone and express a side to themselves, which they left hidden on their chart-topping debut album, W.L. 

Moving into political territory is a bold move, especially with a title as provocative as ‘Burn The Empire’. Still, The Snuts aren’t prepared to stay silent any longer. Their anger is authentic and felt by millions, resonating across the airwaves. 

Last year, lead singer Jack Cochrane shared his discontent with Far Out about the treatment of the live music industry during the lockdown and revealed he was writing to MPs and MSPs on a daily basis for assurances around the sector. 

Now, on ‘Burn The Empire’, the group have channelled that frustration in ferocious style. On the track, Cochrane defiantly sings, “Boris like a Morris Minor, Old and obtuse, Dazed and confused, Eton rifles, Gun sling loose.”

Speaking about the track, Cochrane said, “I wanted the word ’empire’ to feel open, almost rhetorical to what constitutes or qualifies as an oppressive factor in your life, because it certainly exists for 99% of people. We were driven to stand up against the negative effects of big corporations on the everyday person. We all understand that these companies act ruthlessly and unethically in the name of profit.”

“I think young people have always wanted a fairer and more equal society and it’s the voices of the old, the discontent and the ignorant that try and squash that. We believe in 2022 there is no place for fascism or oppression of any kind and we must burn the empire that represents it.”

For a band firmly on the rise, putting their voice to slam down on the ruling class and laying their flag to the mast is commendable. In the current political climate in Britain, anger is rightly rife at the lacklustre regime which The Snuts skilfully bottle on ‘Burn The Empire’.