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The Snuts share heartfelt new single 'Always'

The Snuts - 'Always'

The Snuts have shared their heartfelt new single ‘Always’, a track which displays the band’s tender side along with an anthemic arm-swinging chorus for good measure.

The track arrives just a week after the surprise release of the bluesy number ‘That’s All It Is’, which also makes an appearance on this year’s FIFA soundtrack which is a feather in any indie band’s cap. The year couldn’t have started any better for The Snuts with the arrival of their Mixtape EP, however, they have since seen their 2020 marred as the music industry has come to a pause due to the coronavirus pandemic and put their rise on hold that looked unstoppable in February.

The darker ‘Always’ arrives as another sign of their sonic progression as they arrive at a more mature sound with each passing release, the band continuing to push their creative output and escape the comfort zone with yet more experimentation. The band have opted to move away from emotional lyrics, instead using a more fun, playful approach like on previous singles ‘Don’t Forget It (Punk)’ and ‘Fatboy Slim’. However, ‘Always’ proves that there is a more heartfelt side to them.

Lead singer Jack Cochrane noted, “Lyrically, the song depicts the message of falling in love with someone who in turn allows you to love yourself; quite arguably, one of the most difficult things to try and do these days.”

Recorded at The Firepit in London with producer Tony Hoffer, a figure who has previously worked with indie-pop royalty such as Beck, Goldfrapp and M83, it arrives with a video shot at Leith Theatre in Edinburgh, with the band requesting that the budget be used to give back support to the live music industry and their crew who have been left to drown since the pandemic struck.

Speaking to Far Out Magazine earlier this year, frontman Jack Cochrane shed some light on the band’s creative process and, more poignantly, why he is a firm believer in mixing up their sound to ensure their music manages to be attention-grabbing in this never-ending conveyer belt of music that people have at their fingertips. Cochrane said: “It’s so hard to make a lasting impression with the way that people consume, even records like as a whole are completely deteriorating, less and less people are actually listening to the albums.”

Adding: “One thing that I’m focused on with the album is that every track is different from the last one, all following a sort of theme but making sure each track can be enjoyed on their own which is a demand of modern music.”

Check it out, below.