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(Credit: Jacob Campbell)


The Snuts confirm new album is "definitely" coming in 2022


In an exclusive interview with Far Out, The Snuts singer Jack Cochrane has confirmed their second album will “definitely” arrive in 2022.

The conversation was primarily about the Scottish group’s new single, ‘Zuckerpunch’, which takes aim with our all-encompassing obsession with living life through the lens of social media, and offers a hint of what fans should expect from the follow-up to their chart-topping debut, W.L.

Their previous single ‘Burn The Empire’ also held a mirror up to society, and in an extended interview with Far Out, Cochrane said this is a theme that dictates their, yet to be announced, second album. “On this second record, there was so much conversation and discussion,” he explained.

Cochrane continued: “The producers were working with are from totally different places from us and completely different cultures, so the sessions were a real melting pot of discussion, be it politics, society, religion, and ethics.

Far Out Meets: The Snuts talk new single ‘Zuckerpunch’ and political second album

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“The conversations then found their way into the songs, and after they were created, I felt a responsibility to learn about what I’m trying to say. The songs always come from the heart, but I think there comes a stage when you have to use your head too.”

Elaborating on what we should expect from the record, Cochrane adds, “There’s talk of culture, cultural differences on the record, the effects of poverty, there’s a couple of political songs, and I think the main thing is conversation, music should make conversation, and we’ve been lucky with this record that conversion made the music.”

When pressed about whether the new album will arrive in 2022, Cochrane has some good news for fans, and he exclusively reveals, “Definitely man, I’ll be furious if we don’t. It’s absolutely well on the way.”

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